Louisiana’s First DURYSTA Implant

Williamson Eye Center was the first eye clinic in Louisiana to use the DURYSTA implant to treat Glaucoma!

The DURYSTA™ implant represents a potential paradigm shift in the way we treat Glaucoma as it is the first sustained drug release implant which can be used to lower eye pressure. Instead of having to use daily eye drops, which are expensive and have side effects, DURYSTA™ is covered by most insurances and can be directly implanted into the eye allowing for a steady, controlled dose to be delivered over the course of several months.

After a simple and painless procedure with no anesthesia, Ms. Arlene left us with her best royal wave and now she can live life easier without adding expensive medication drops to her daily routine.

Want to know if DURYSTA is an option for your Glaucoma management?

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