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What to Expect During Your LASIK Procedure

When you arrive at the Laser center, you will pay the balance for your procedure and sign your consent form and receive discharge instructions. Upon entering the laser suite, your eyes will receive anesthetic drops which will be used to numb your eyes. You will not be faced with any injections or needles of any sort. Once numbness completely sets in and you are totally relaxed, your eyelids will be kept from blinking with the use of an eyelid holder.

The next step of the process will involve your LASIK surgeon creating a small flap of tissue on your cornea. You will not feel any pain, but you will feel a bit of pressure. All of the information about your eye that was gathered at your pre-operative exam will be programmed into the VISX Star S4-IR. In less than just a couple of minutes, the entire laser treatment will be complete. The protective layer of corneal tissue will be folded back and will naturally bond.

When your procedure is complete, your surgeon will examine your eyes with a microscope to make sure it is starting to heal. You will be given goggles for your eye(s) to ensure extra protection and you will be given more eye drops. You will need to have someone drive you home, as your vision will initially be somewhat blurry. For the next 6-12 hours, you may have some discomfort and you should relax and rest. You may take Tylenol for any discomfort you have.

Man enjoying clear vision after LASIK

The day after laser surgery, you will begin using eye drops that we provide to you and you will return for a post-op visit with Dr. Williamson. If you are comfortable with your vision, you may drive. You may also return to your normal activities on this day.

For several months following the surgery, your vision may tend to fluctuate, but you should see well enough just one day following the procedure to return to your normal daily activities.

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