How Often Should You See an Ophthalmologist for an Eye Exam?

You need to have your eyes examined, no matter who you are or your age. Keeping your eyes healthy is essential, and vision-stealing eye conditions are more common than you think. The older you are, the more your risk for these eye conditions increases.  Therefore, you should start seeing your ophthalmologist for eye exams more… Read More

8 Tips If You’ve Never Worn Contact Lenses Before

Are you finally going to try out contact lenses? Contact lenses can be a great alternative to traditional glasses. There are a lot of different kinds of contact lenses to choose from, made from many types of materials and made to be worn for different periods. Your eye doctor will help you determine what kind… Read More

Is the PanOptix Trifocal IOL a Good Fit if I Have an Active Lifestyle?

Do you need cataract surgery? A critical component of the procedure is the IOL you choose. IOL, short for an intraocular lens, is an artificial lens that replaces your eye’s natural lens. Cataract surgery involves removing your natural lens where a cataract has formed and replacing it with an IOL. There are several kinds of… Read More

How to Prepare After Choosing the Best Cataract Surgeon in Baton Rouge

Have you decided it’s time to have cataract surgery? Cataract surgery is the only way to remove cataracts and restore your clear vision. But you may be wondering how you can prepare before having the procedure. You may be anxious or nervous if you don’t understand what to expect. Luckily, cataract surgery is one of… Read More

Why Cataract Surgery Can Give You a Whole New View on Life

Cataracts are prevalent in adults over 40. In fact, cataracts are the leading cause of preventable blindness worldwide. Many people with cataracts don’t realize they have them at first because they typically develop slowly over time. Cataracts develop when the natural lens in your eye becomes cloudy, impacting your ability to see clearly. As cataracts… Read More

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