Get the Best of Allergy Season with these 7 Tips

It’s allergy season, and for the many people who suffer from a pollen allergy, that means itchy, watery, irritated eyes. If you have this prevalent allergy, allergy season means being uncomfortable for many months.  But you don’t have to resign yourself to feeling miserable every spring. There are things you can do to take control… Read More

6 Reasons Why Premium Lenses Will Change Your Life and Vision

When cataracts become advanced, they can make it hard to see. However, cataract surgery restores all vision loss due to cataracts by removing them entirely.  This is done by removing your natural lens, which cataracts form on, impairing your vision and ability to see clearly. However, you won’t be left without a lens in your… Read More

Why It’s Time to Embrace LASIK and Clearer Vision in Baton Rouge

Do you want to finally achieve crisp, clear vision that you can enjoy all the time, no matter where you are? Whether you’re relaxing on vacation or pulling an all-nighter for work, a vision correction procedure like LASIK may be the answer to better vision. LASIK is one of the most popular elective procedures you… Read More

Does Insurance Cover Vision Correction Procedures?

Are you considering a vision procedure? Private health insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid cover some vision procedures.  However, they do not cover most elective vision correction procedures. Vision correction procedures like LASIK are considered elective because they are not medically necessary.  But there are some situations where health insurance will cover certain vision correction procedures. Even… Read More

Ready to Get Rid of Your Reading Glasses?

Are you tired of wearing reading glasses? If you’ve entered your 40s or 50s, you may have noticed that you are suddenly having trouble seeing up close for tasks like reading your phone. Some folks consider it a “right of passage” when the time comes for reading glasses but if you’d rather skip the hassle… Read More

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