Introducing Corneal Cross-Linking in Baton Rouge

With yesterday being World Keratoconus Day, it was a great time to announce a new service that we’ve introduced for the Greater Baton Rouge Area: Corneal Cross-Linking. In case you missed it on our social media pages, today we’re recapping everything you need to know about the Keratoconus disease, signs and symptoms, and treatment options… Read More

Dry Eyes: What it is and Why You Shouldn’t Ignore it

Dry eyes. Gritty, itchy, burning and uncomfortable eyes.  Some patients even complain of tearing with dry eye because of the irritation.  Sound familiar? Millions of people in the U.S. report dry eye symptoms, so it isn’t surprising that at some point, you might share in this unpleasant experience.  Dry eyes are common and can become… Read More

5 Reasons Why You Should Get an Eye Exam Annually

Needing glasses and contact lenses can be a real hassle.  Buying them is expensive and you need an updated prescription to order them. It is what makes online eyewear stores so appealing.  But, in trying to convince you of their convenience and general awesomeness they tell you, perhaps only subtly, that it is okay to… Read More

New England Patriots Player Brandon Bolden has LASIK at Williamson Eye Center

Williamson Eye is where the pros geaux for eye care. We recently had the honor of performing LASIK on Baton Rouge native and New England Patriots player, Brandon Bolden and his wife, Arianna Bolden. They were kind enough to get personal in telling us all about their family, how they met, and how Brandon owes… Read More

K’Lavon Chaisson Recommends LASIK Surgery – Watch the Interview with Dr. Blake Williamson!

K’Lavon Chaisson joins Dr. Blake Williamson to discuss his recent experience with LASIK eye surgery at Williamson Eye Center and how he’s bringing his new super human vision to the NFL.


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