River Parishes Clinic

River Parishes Clinic

2468 Louisiana Ave
Lutcher, LA 70071
(225) 869-5043

Office Hours:
Mon- Fri: 8am-5pm

Eye Doctors in River Parishes:

Dr. Clayton A. Patrick
Dr. Dustin Weidert

Visit the board-certified ophthalmologists, eye doctors, and skilled staff at the Williamson Eye Center’s River Parish location. Our specialized team of eye doctors and vision care professionals is the leading ophthalmology and vision correction professionals for patients throughout Louisiana. 

If you are seeking an eye doctor in the River Parish area, look no further than the Williamson Eye Center. Our eye doctors are leaders in their field and passionate about bringing expert vision care to Louisiana.

To make an appointment at our River Parishes clinic, schedule online with Williamson Eye Center today!

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