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One of the earliest memories that Drs. Charles and Bill Williamson have of their father, Dr. William Williamson, was when he brought home a plastic cup of cow eyes he had obtained from a local slaughterhouse for his sons to dissect while he described the anatomy to them. William went on to build one of the largest private optometric practices in the state in the 50s and 60s. He and his wife Mavis were blessed with four boys, all of whom eventually felt a calling towards eye care themselves. The brothers went on to establish one of the largest surgical ophthalmology practices in the State of Louisiana.  They built the first outpatient surgery center for ophthalmic surgery in Louisiana in 1983.

Dr. Charles was one of the very first in the world to describe and perform topical clear corneal cataract surgery which would eventually become the preferred technique by surgeons performing cataract surgery across the globe. He became an international speaker, educator, author, and pioneer in the refractive surgery space and through his leadership, the Williamson Eye Center went on to participate in many FDA trials which would shape the future of vision correction.

Today the third generation of the Williamson family is actively involved in the practice, helping to further its legacy.  Dr. Blake Williamson carries on the family tradition of eye care and surgery while Charles Williamson Jr. has served as the practice administrator for over 15 years.  The success at Williamson Eye has certainly been helped by those outside the family as well with the addition of surgeons Drs. Matthew Smith, Blake Booth and Clayton Patrick as well as a group of the most experienced optometrists in the state.

We are fortunate to work with over 150 teammates, several of whom have been with our practice for over 20 years. Through the combined leadership of all these members of our work family and with a shared vision of offering the best eye care possible, Williamson Eye has grown to include offices around the greater Baton Rouge area, certified surgery centers, a LASIK center, as well as a separate Cosmetic Center.

Williamson Eye has become a vertically integrated medical and surgical ophthalmic practice with heavy specialization in cataract and refractive surgery as well as minimally invasive glaucoma surgery, yet still serves as a full-service ophthalmic practice offering eye care, eyewear and eye surgery for patients of all ages. Over 75 years and 3 generations, the Williamson Eye Center brand has become synonymous with excellence in eye care in Louisiana and has developed into one of the most recognized practices in the United States.

Our Vision Care Team

We are fortunate to work with some of the best nurses, technicians, and administrators in the industry. Every office has a unique culture of people dedicated to providing the best eye care possible and the best customer experience.  We are continuously amazed by our teammates’ work ethic and support towards each other and our patients.

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