Do you believe you may be suffering from cataracts?

Cataracts are more common than you may think. Believe it or not, nearly 50% of Americans develop cataracts by the age of 80.

Cataracts are a part of the body’s natural aging process, and can be treated easily. For immediate relief from cataracts, you can improve your vision at home with the aid of a magnifying glass or additional lighting.

When the development of cataracts begin to progress, you will eventually require Cataract Surgery to return your vision to its clear and crisp state. The latest advancements in cataract surgery provide patients with a host of options for cataract treatment, including choices that could leave you glasses free for life! Not only is cataract surgery common and effective, but it is also very safe!

Healthy vs. Eye Affected by Cataracts SYMPTOMS OF CATARACTS

Early on, you may not even detect that you are developing a cataract. Cataracts begin with minor cloudiness, which, over time progresses to a much cloudier state. A great deal of the light to your retina will eventually become blocked as the cataract gains density and continues to grow.

Some symptoms you may experience are:

  • glared vision and halos
  • blurriness or a sense of cloudiness
  • trouble with vision at night
  • constant change in your prescription

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? Contact us today, for a dilated eye exam.


As we age, our eyes age too, putting everyone at risk for the development of cataracts. Although you may not experience impaired vision, you will probably have some clouding over the course of the aging process. There are some situations known to accelerate the development of cataracts:

  • Diabetes
  • Contact with radiation, potential with treatment for cancer
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Extreme amounts of UV exposure
  • Smoking
  • History of cataracts in your family
  • Eye injury or eye disease

Cataract surgery only becomes necessary when you begin to experience impaired vision. If you suffer from any of the above conditions, you may be at risk. However, the development of cataracts occurs over time and treatment is common and effective. The Williamson Eye Center is pleased to offer a range of the most advanced cataract surgery options in the Greater Baton Rouge area.


Permanent correction of cataracts can only be achieved through a surgical cataract procedure. There are options to put off surgery such as glasses with an extremely powerful lens or lighting made specifically for those suffering from cataracts, but permanent correction requires surgery.

Your surgeon will remove the damaged natural lens of the eye and replace it with a crystal clear synthetic lens. Even though results are nearly instant, after undergoing standard cataract surgery, a patient with a previous eye prescription will still require the use of glasses.

At Williamson Eye Center, we strive to provide our patients with the most progressive eye care technology to date. We also offer the option of more advanced cataract treatments with our vast selection of Lifestyle Lenses designed to suit a wide range of vision requirements. With the addition of custom lenses created to restore both distance and reading vision, you could leave the hassle of glasses behind forever!

If you are seeking cataract surgery in the Greater Baton Rouge area, trust your vision to the experienced cataract surgeons at the Williamson Eye Center. With convenient eye clinics in Baton Rouge,  Zachary, Denham Springs, Ascension, and New Roads, we work to make professional cataract removal accessible throughout Louisiana. Contact our office today to set up your consultation!

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