Cory Boudreaux

“Being a -12.00 D myope before my ICL surgery, I had been wearing uncomfortable, hard contact lenses to get the sharp vision that I was unable to appreciate with a more comfortable, soft contact lens. When Dr. Williamson approached me with the idea of the ICL implant, my only concern was keeping the sharp vision I was getting from my hard contact lenses. The procedure itself was not a concern as I feel it has many advantages over LASIK and it is essentially a procedure cataract surgeons have been performing for over 20 years. Not only do I not need to wear any corrective lenses since my surgery, but my vision is as sharp as I can ever remember over a year later!”



Gino Marino

“I’ve done this procedure with this lens implants and it’s been remarkable. It’s just phenomenal how everything goes and how well you can see, it’s just the clarity. I had one eye done last week and I was so excited about coming back and getting my other eye done. They don’t get any better than him. Dr. Charles Williamson is the authority on lens implants in my opinion. He’s very thorough, his staff is great, they make you feel really comfortable.”



Katie Ortiz

“Lasik has made my life a lot easier. Being a mom and working full time, I am usually on the go. I love being able to lay with my son to watch movies and not worry about bending or breaking my glasses. I am completely satisfied with my surgery and the staff at the Williamson Eye Center.”


James Hoover

“It’s been very nice not relying on glasses daily; having to wake up and immediately search for my specs was always a hassle. Since the custom enhancement, I now see better than I did with glasses, especially at night. I would have recommended it before, and now with the Intralase system, it seems to be even better.”


Janey Clouatre

“I had Lasik in April of 2008 with Dr. Charles Williamson and now I am going on 3 years of great vision. It is a wonderful feeling when you can do everyday activities without having to remember your glasses. I would do it again in a heartbeat!”


Shanna Morris

“The iLASIK experience was so easy and painless. Great vision!”


Dinah Johnson

“I have been very happy with my Williamson Eye Center experience. Thanks, Dr. Charles!”


Gary Adams

“The LASIK procedure has made a tremendous difference in my life. I have recommended LASIK with the Williamson Eye Center to my dad, to my brothers, and to my boss.”


Inez Schiele

“I was nervous but Dr. Williamson and his great staff put me at ease. I can see better than ever!”


Norman Browning

“The best thing about LASIK is the quickness in which you get your vision and the painless method in which it takes place.”


Kathy Repp

“Very professional atmosphere and I was very confident I chose the right place for my Lasik procedure.”


Bhavesh Patel

“Having worn corrective lenses for the past 16 years, I can honestly say this procedure has been a life changing experience for me. The surgery itself was quick and relatively painless, and recovery time was minimal. The staff was very supportive throughout the entire experience and was able to answer my every question. I think the best part of the whole experience is being able to wake up every morning and go to sleep every night being able to see without glasses or contacts. Thank you Williamson Eye Center for changing my life forever.”


Williamson Eye Center