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FREE Live LASIK Event: Let’s Taco ’bout LASIK!

Ever wondered if LASIK is right for you? If you haven’t had time for a consultation yet, please join us for a FREE after-hours event to learn all about the procedure, watch a LIVE LASIK procedure and be entered to win big prizes like $500 off your surgery and designer sunglasses! Plus, enjoy taco Tuesday… Read More

Gonzales Centennial Celebration City-Wide Scavenger Hunt

In celebration of the city’s 100 year anniversary, we’re challenging the community to a city-wide scavenger hunt! Solve Riddles. Take Photos. Tag. WIN big prizes like LASIK SURGERY!! Make this a fun family outing! Take photos around town together and learn a little history about our city along the way to earning chances for BIG… Read More

Is Vision Loss Due to Cataracts Permanent?

Cataracts are one of the most common age-related eye conditions. They affect nearly half of all adults by the time they’re 75. While cataracts are common in older adults, your risk of developing them increases once you’re forty or older. At first, you may barely notice if you have cataracts. But over time, they can… Read More

VSP Eyes of Hope Disaster Response

Assistance is available at Williamson Eye Center for those needing essential eye care or have lost or damaged glasses. Our partners at VSP are providing resources to patients who need emergency or essential eye care or have lost or damaged their glasses due to the hurricane through their Eyes of Hope Program. VSP® Members can call 800.877.7195 to have… Read More

A New Perspective: Our LASIK Coordinator Finally Decided to Have LASIK

Darian Gautreaux spends her days motivating others to have LASIK Surgery. On July 30, 2021, she decided to follow her own advice and stop putting up with blurry vision. We’re excited to have Darian as a guest blogger today to share her new perspective from the other side of the laser. I have been working… Read More

What Is An Implantable Contact Lens?

Many people wear contact lenses because of their convenience over glasses. What if there was another option for correcting your vision that didn’t require LASIK? You may not know about a refractive procedure called the Visian ICL that corrects myopia or nearsightedness. The Visian ICL is an implantable contact lens that can improve your vision… Read More

8 Things To Expect During Your Cataract Surgery Recovery

Cataracts occur when proteins in the lens of the eye begin to clump together. When these proteins clump together, it is harder for light to enter the eye, negatively impacting your vision. For many people with cataracts, this means experiencing blurry vision, seeing halos around lights, and other frustrating symptoms. The good news is that… Read More

Why Corneal Cross-Linking is a Big Deal

Do you or someone you love have keratoconus? It may seem dire, but it doesn’t have to be. One of the most effective treatment options for people with progressive keratoconus is corneal cross-linking. Keep reading to learn more about why corneal cross-linking is a big deal!

What You Need To Know About Specialty Contact Lenses

Do you wear contact lenses? When it comes to wearing contacts, there are many kinds to choose from. As a result, it can be a little overwhelming to choose the best type for your eyes. Most people can use soft and rigid contact lenses. If you have a more complicated prescription, corneal conditions, or dry… Read More

Could The Light Adjustable Lens Be Right For You?

Do you have cataracts? If you do, you may have already started thinking about what kind of intraocular lens you’ll have implanted during cataract surgery. It’s an incredibly crucial part of cataract surgery, as it’s the reason why you can see clearly after the procedure. But since there are so many IOLs to choose from,… Read More

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