5 Reasons You Should Consider LASIK If You’re an Athlete

Consider yourself highly active? If you’re looking for a way to take your game to the next level, it could be as simple as getting LASIK.

This vision correction procedure permanently corrects refractive errors for those that qualify for it and leads to life-changing results.

LASIK can be beneficial for everyone, but if you’re someone that spends a lot of time working out or participating in physical activities, it can be even more helpful.  Keep reading for 5 reasons to consider LASIK if you’re an athlete!

1.    No More Glasses or Contacts

Working out

If you have to wear glasses or contact lenses, it can be quite challenging to perform many activities. This factor can even keep you from trying new things.

If you’re a swimmer, you may already know the struggle that comes with what to do when you need to see. Contact lenses are not appropriate in chlorine, and wearing glasses in the water doesn’t work either.

Basketball players often wear special sports glasses. These pairs have a connective band to prevent them from falling off. Other activities may require some form of these gear options to ensure you can use daily visual aids to see while you’re participating in your sport of choice.

What if you didn’t have to worry about your glasses and contacts? When you get a procedure like LASIK, this becomes your new reality.

You won’t have to buy special gear to keep your glasses on or go without contacts to get in the pool. Instead, you can be confident in the fact that you can see clearly during every workout, game, or practice.

2.    Improve Your Depth Perception and Contrast

Most patients that choose to have LASIK end up with 20/20 vision, if not better. This outpatient procedure has a satisfaction rate of 96% rate with patients who have had LASIK.

Most people that have LASIK find that they can see better after the procedure than they ever could when they wore glasses or contact lenses. Whether you cycle professionally or want to play fetch with your dog, you’ll likely notice improved depth perception after LASIK.

The procedure corrects corneal shape, fixing refractive errors. These include nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Light can better focus on the retina, improving visual clarity and depth perception.

Have you ever missed a fly ball because you didn’t react quick enough? Once you have LASIK, your chances of catching the ball may increase! The procedure improves contrast in varying light.

Man catching baseball

You’ll be able to focus on the ball from when it leaves the pitcher’s hand to when the bat makes contact. It’ll be easier to adjust your focus as the ball soars into the air and hopefully into your glove!

3.    Saving Money

Man looking in wallet

People often pay over $300 per year for a pair of glasses.  That cost quickly rises if you purchase multiple pairs of glasses to stay on-trend or need to have a backup pair.

You likely wear prescription sunglasses if you enjoy outdoor activities. One or two pairs of these specialized lenses can cost more than $500 every time your prescription changes.

Contact lenses often cost more than $300 per year. Those with astigmatism or presbyopia may pay up to $700 per year. Plus, you’ll need contact solution and cases to safeguard the lenses.

Man holding broken glasses

Although LASIK can seem expensive because of the up-front cost, it saves you money over time. Imagine if you no longer had to buy glasses, contact lenses, or any of the necessary accessories that go along with them anymore.

Most LASIK patients have better sight for the rest of their lives. LASIK pays for itself within a few years of no longer needing to purchase contacts or glasses. Many people with more active lifestyles also appreciate no longer needing to account for surprise costs when their visual aids break or get damaged unexpectedly.

4.    Increasing Focus


It can be tough to pay attention to a game when your glasses slip down your nose in the heat. Allergies can irritate your eyes, making contacts uncomfortable and taking your focus away from the match.

Avoid these issues with LASIK. Your eyes can handle extreme conditions like chlorinated lap pools and the midsummer sun once you’ve healed and recovered from the procedure.

You won’t need to remember to bring your expensive prescription sunglasses to the field because you’ll no longer need to wear them. You can even invest in a nicer pair of sunglasses!

If you like camping, you’ll no longer need to worry about inserting and removing contacts with dirty hands. You won’t have to lug around the contact lens solution or worry about sending your next prescription to a pick-up point along a backpacking route.

LASIK provides peace of mind that you’ll be able to see clearly without needing anything to see except for your own two eyes. Nothing beats the convenience of this quick, accurate procedure.

5.    Feel Safer

Many sports require specialized gear like helmets and goggles. It can be a struggle to use this equipment if you also wear glasses comfortably.

Those who use contacts may have to wear goggles or face shields to protect their eyes from irritants. Debris like dust or pollen could aggravate your eyes and make you unable to play. Sun or wind exposure from not wearing goggles can sideline you for weeks, depending on the severity of the condition.


After LASIK, you won’t have to skip your glasses to wear goggles and hit the slopes. You won’t need to forgo improved vision to fit a batting helmet over your head. Instead, you’ll be able to see better and wear safety equipment without anything holding you back.

Eager to find out how LASIK can make you a better athlete? Schedule your LASIK consultation at Williamson Eye Center in Baton Rouge, LA! Professional Athletes enjoy superhuman vision after having LASIK at Williamson Eye Center, hear their stories here!

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