Lizzy Musi’s EVO ICL Experience

Lizzy Musi is a total boss babe. Lizzy is a street racer and tv personality on Discovery’s Street Outlaws, she hunts, rides horses, and is a style icon, there isn’t anything this girl can’t do…except see without glasses or contact lenses.

Lizzy has been wearing glasses and contact lenses all of her life but decided this was the year to put the pedal to the metal and have LASIK! Research began to find the perfect practice. Lizzy came across our Instagram page, and looking through all of the athletes we have had the privilege to call patients, she knew that she could trust us with her vision.

Watch Lizzy’s Journey

Lizzy had a consultation in mid-January and came in for measurements in early February 2023, and that’s where things go offroad. It was determined that Lizzy wasn’t a good candidate for LASIK. LASIK technology can correct pretty high prescriptions, but patients have to have enough room for the correction. For Lizzy, these numbers didn’t add up, so now what?

At Williamson Eye, we offer the latest and greatest technology to our patients and the vast knowledge our doctors allow us to custom tailor a procedure that will be safest for each patient and give them the best possible results. Dr. Blake Williamson was able to switch gears and offer Lizzy the EVO ICL.

The EVO ICL is an Implanted Collamer Lens put into the eye behind the iris in front of the natural lens. Similar to a contact lens, the EVO ICL refocuses light to improve vision without making permanent changes to the cornea! The EVO ICL has been implanted over 2 million times worldwide and is a great option for patients with high prescriptions and/or thinner corneas.

We counseled Lizzy on the new procedure, and she was on board, but then she hit us with the next lane change, “Can we do it next week?” It turns out Lizzy was scheduled to race in Perth, Australia the following week! This girl’s need for speed doesn’t just live on the track, it’s in her veins.

This was the beginning of Lizzy’s #RacetoEVO, and from there, we were able to get her lenses ordered and have her scheduled for surgery just three days before leaving for Australia. The EVO ICL offers a quick and painless recovery with no downtime, so it was a perfect fit for this girl’s busy lifestyle. On Valentine’s day, Lizzy checked in for her surgery ride. Just minutes after having her lenses implanted, Lizzy went from reading 20/800 to reading all of the 20/25 line and most of the 20/20 line! The day after surgery, Lizzy was reading that 20/20 line and even some on the 20/16 line (that’s right, better than 20/20 vision), and two days later, she was flying to Australia to race!

What an amazing person and an amazing procedure. It was an honor to be on Lizzy’s pit crew on her #RacetoEVO.

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