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When the Williamsons say they operate their eye centers in the Baton Rouge area like a family they mean it lteraly

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Dr Charles Williamson and the Williamson Eye Center. Examples from the father guide a successful career and medical center. 

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Opthalmology Articles

Williamson Marketing - Thursday, June 20, 2013

Common Dry Eye Symptoms

Williamson Marketing - Friday, February 01, 2013

Common symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome are burning, itching, redness and foreign body sensation in the eyes. Various medical conditions, as well as systemic medications, contribute to a worsening of the dry eye related symptoms. Dry eye syndrome can cause visual blur, especially for contact lens wearers and people who use computers regularly. Many patients do not realize that treatment for dry eye syndrome does exist, and can usually offer significant relief. The earlier treatment is started, the easier it is to control this condition. If you experience any of these symptoms, schedule an appointment with one of our physicians to see what treatments may benefit you. Call (225) 924-2020 to schedule an appointment with the Williamson Eye Center today.

-Christine D. Norred, O.D.

Revolutionizing the Way We See

FUSE Admin - Monday, September 17, 2012

Charles Williamson was 14 years old when his father, William, told him that he needed to decide what he wanted to be when he grew up. Charles' older brother, also William, had just started college, and Charles knew that when he graduated from high school he wanted to attend LSU. He decided that he should be a football player, so he spent the next years at Broadmoor High School focusing on that goal, playing the position of quarterback and eventually earning a football scholarship to attend LSU.

Never satisfied to simply be a part of the status quo, Charles excelled not only on the football field, but academically as well. He was selected to the 1972 Academic All-American Football Team. The accolades he won as an All American tight end were no more important as the LSU president's award for academic excellence that he received. The young man had a promising future, and he intended to make the most of it. Following in the footsteps of his father, who had been an eye doctor since 1952 was a natural next step for Charles, who graduated from the LSU School of Medicine in 1977. He served his residency at the Eye Foundation Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, and then came back to Louisiana, an ophthalmologist determined to put in the time and do the research necessary to ensure that his patients received the most innovative treatments possible.

For more than thirty years, that is exactly what this physician and surgeon has done. Throughout his career, he has revolutionized the way in which eye surgery is done through a solid history of achievement. In 1980, he went into practice with his brother, and by 1983, Charles had built the first eye center-Williamson Eye Center-in the state of Louisiana, helping his patients circumvent what could sometimes be unnecessary trips to the hospital. Through his full-service center, patients could receive eye exams, surgical consultations and the actual eye surgery in one facility dedicated only to their problems.

"People asked me back then how I was going to compete with big hospitals, and many hospital administrators worried that other doctors would get ideas about doing this," Charles explained."I went out and let people know they could have corrective eye surgeries on an outpatient basis. I came from a high-powered program in Birmingham, and I wasn't content to sit on my hands. I wanted to do procedures that were best for my patients. When I didn't have to rely on a hospital to tell me what to do, my practice doubled then tripled almost overnight."

Charles recognized early on that the only way he could be a successful surgeon would be to work hard and build his reputation based on his own standard of excellence. As medical director of the Williamson Eye Center, Charles hired only those doctors and other medical personnel who had that same work ethic and standard of excellence.

"There's a certain plateau that doctors have to reach to work at the Williamson Eye Center," he said."I worked hard, took out a loan and built the center. I came to work every day. I didn't think about making money. I wanted to build something and change the specialty for the better."

Charles set about doing just that. In 1992, he earned the STAAR Award for outstanding contributions and innovation in cataract surgery, and in 1994, he won the STAAR Pioneer Award for development of the injectable silicone intraocular lens. Charles became recognized nationally and internationally for his research and abilities as a surgeon, and Medical Care International has honored him as the top refractive surgeon in the country. More recently, in 2007, he was again honored, this time for his mastery of the Crystalens accommodating intraocular lens. Williamson Eye Center is recognized as the No. 1 implanter of Crystalens in Louisiana.

Recognized internationally for his skill, Charles has operated and taught his craft in countries throughout the world, including Russia, Europe and South America."We like to teach what we develop," he said."But you can only teach technology and technique. You can't teach experience. Surgery is a performance art, much like throwing a curve ball or playing a piano. It's not just about the kind of equipment you have. It's about the surgeon's talent. As a patient, you're in his hands. It's like flying a jet. Alot of people can do it, but you want to know your pilot has experience. In doing what we do as physicians, there's unquestionably critical choices that come up during surgery that can only be solved with talent and experience."

Talent is what has made Williamson Eye Center the most successful eye surgery center in Louisiana. Charles works on more than 5,000 cases each year."We rock and roll here. We have developed new techniques for efficiency because patients and diseases don't always do what is expected. You have to be able to anticipate things and trust your intuition. I operate three days each week and have a highly specialized team of doctors, nurses and technicians to handle the surgical load."

Charles says one key to success is that patients are provided with several layers of information prior to seeing him."We send patients information before their first appointment. We have counselors who go over audio and visual information. By the time the patient gets to me, he or she is very well educated. Every patient is different-on different medication with different problems. Everything has an effect on the outcome of the surgery. We want our patients to understand realistically what their outcome can be."

Thirty years after beginning his practice, Charles has successfully operated on more than 70,000 patients and has opened four eye centers. He has authored several books on the technologies he developed and is a regular contributor to other scholarly medical books. Williamson Eye Center and Williamson Cosmetic Center are still filled with family, only now in addition to his brothers, his son and daughter also work with him-another generation dedicated to the healing of others.

Recognized as a pioneer in his field, Charles believes his success is a result of his work ethic, education, intelligence and his ability to make the right decisions in tough cases-his sixth sense, that innate something that guides a surgeon's hand. He has always trusted his intuition, and that belief in what he does has helped to revolutionize eye care.


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