What is Presbyopia?

As we age, our eyes lose their ability to focus on objects up close. This is called presbyopia. Presbyopia occurs over time as the natural lens of the eye begins to lose flexibility; the process occurs at different times for everyone, but typically starts around middle age.

As the lens of the eye loses flexibility, this impacts the way it focuses light on the retina and flexes to accommodate viewing objects up close. With less flexibility, the eye has more trouble viewing objects clearly at a close range, resulting in blurred vision.

Reading glasses have become extremely common for middle-aged adults to assist with near vision capabilities. People with presbyopia often need reading glasses for daily tasks like reading the paper, sending text messages, looking at labels, and more.

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What Should I do?

If you are having trouble reading fine print and are interested in learning more about your vision options, schedule an eye exam at the Williamson Eye Center today. 

Why is Presbyopia Important?

Our expert team at Williamson Eye Center can give you a prescription for reading glasses. Proper glasses can prevent tired eyes and headaches. Depending upon your particular lifestyle and current prescription, your surgeon may recommend Refractive Lens Exchange as a solution for presbyopic vision. For those with cataracts and presbyopia, the Williamson Eye Center offers the Symfony lens for cataract surgery, which can correct presbyopia during a patient’s cataract procedure.

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