Glaucoma Treatment

The risk of nerve damage can be minimized and eye pressure can be lowered effectively through a host of treatments. Glaucoma, unfortunately, is incurable.

Common treatments for glaucoma include:

  • Prescription Medicine can be used to assist in fluid drainage and slow down fluid production. Medications can be taken orally or topically.
  • Laser Therapy can be used to increase drainage with a simple outpatient procedure.
  • Surgery can be performed to create an additional hole for drainage at the back of your eye. This would occur when laser and prescription medication does not provide successful results.
  • Glaucoma Shunt – The drainage hole can be kept open with the insertion of a small tube. This option is effective, but very invasive and is typically the last course of action.

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For more information, check out these useful resources:

  • The American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • The Glaucoma Foundation
  • Research to Prevent Blindness or call 800-621-0026

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