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Flashes and Floaters

What Are Flashes / Floaters?

Flashes and Floaters Floaters look like small specks moving in front of your eyes. They are actually tiny clumps floating through the clear gel in your eye.

Flashes look like lightening streaks. They happen when the gel pulls on its attachment to your retina, the part of the eye that senses light.

What Should I Do?

If you suddenly notice an increase in floaters or flashes, see your doctor.

Why It's Important?

Floaters and flashes may mean there is a problem with your retina, the layer of nerve tissue at the back of the eye. A torn retina is always a serious problem, since it can lead to a retinal detachment. You should see your eye doctor as soon as possible if a new floater appears suddenly or if you see sudden flashes of light. If you notice loss of side vision, you should see your ophthalmologist.

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