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Affordability and Quality - You Can Have It All

Are you confused by the variety of prices when it comes to LASIK? You are not alone. LASIK pricing can be all over the map and many times lower pricing means compromised technology and compromised quality. At Williamson Eye Center, have it all - affordable pricing, quality care.

Using the most up to date technology available today, the Williamson Eye Center provides the iLASIK treatment that provides successful results for those patients that qualify as candidates. The cost of the procedure can be financed with our special financing options pending credit approval. Can you even imagine life without the hassle of glasses and contact lenses? Read what our patients are saying after having this amazing procedure.

When it comes to the iLASIK procedure, the experience of the surgeon does matter. Dr. Charles Williamson has been performing the procedure since 1996. Our reputation is based on our iLASIK outcomes, so rest assured that your best corrected visual outcome is at the forefront of our concern during your pre-LASIK consultation, your procedure and subsequent post operative period.

One of the best kept secrets for payment of iLASIK is the Flexible Spending Plan or Cafeteria Plan since the iLASIK procedure qualifies as a medical expense. What a great solution to achieve the visual results you dream of. Just check with your benefits representative at your office today and enroll as soon as possible.

Step one is knowing that you are a good candidate for the iLASIK procedure. Join us to discuss the best options for you and discuss the opportunity to be able to afford your visual dream with the iLASIK procedure at the Williamson Eye Center. Call 225-927-2020 for that free consultation appointment.

Let Uncle Sam Pay for LASIK

Wondering what to do with your tax refund this year? That's right, use your refund to give yourself the gift of visual freedom and have better vision than with glasses or contacts by having your LASIK procedure today!

Leave your dependency on glasses and contacts behind, by utilizing our special financing with approved credit and your tax refund for LASIK treatment. Imagine having the visual freedom that leaves the daily search for your glasses and the hassle of dealing with contacts lenses in the dust. At Williamson Eye Center, we assure you of the most advanced, quality LASIK treatment available.

Save Money with LASIK

Stop the cycle of spending hundreds on eye care each year. Think for a minute about all the expenses associated with your glasses and contacts. Between purchasing contact lenses, frames, lenses, contact solution and the repeated exams and contact fittings - year after year, it adds up. LASIK can provide you a sigh of relief-no more yearly expenses. Just the freedom to see clearly.

If you are a glasses and contact lens wearer, you have probably already paid for LASIK and probably more than once, (see: CL vs LK Calculator). You can give yourself a life free of the hassle of glasses and contacts and use that extra cash for fun!

Do you want to know what financing option is best for you?

At Williamson Eye Center, we believe that you deserve visual freedom and that is why we provide financing options with approved credit that will work with your budget.

Contact or Wells Fargo today for more information with approved credit.

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