The basic lens implant will not correct astigmatism so these patients will need a specialized lens, called a toric lens, to correct their astigmatism in order to have better vision without glasses. The Trulign lens is a toric lens that is designed to correct both cataracts and astigmatism. At the same time, however, the innovative design of this lens allows it to move within the eye when you are focusing at objects closer to you providing an overall broader “range” of vision compared to a typical toric lens. This often allows for a good distance and intermediate vision with less dependence on glasses. While patients usually still need light reading glasses for near vision and smaller print, they are able to do most things glasses-free which compliments their overall active lifestyle.

This lens is an excellent choice for patients who have too much astigmatism or other eye problems which make them a poor candidate for multifocal lenses, yet they still would like a broader range of vision and an improved depth of focus than what is available with the basic lens.


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