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Eye Care for Ages 61+

Premium Lenses To Suit Your Lifestyle

Even after 60, you can change the course of your vision and potentially live your best years free of glasses! If you are over 60 and are wondering how vision correction can fit your lifestyle, you have come to the right place! Everyone eventually develops cataracts and at Williamson Eye Center, we can provide a host of treatment options to prevent and even eliminate cataracts.

  • Cataract Surgery - do you suspect you may have a cataract?
    By the age of 60, more than 50% of all Americans will have a cataract. Initially, you may have no idea that you are developing a cataract. Diagnosis of a cataract occurs when there is a slight clouding of the eye's natural lens. Over time, the cataract becomes more opaque and can eventually create blurred vision and potentially lead to vision loss. The only solution to permanent cataract correction is Cataract Surgery.

    Cataract surgery is a very common procedure, performed regularly in the US, and has an excellent success rate. Recovery from cataract surgery is fast and will produce life-changing results in a short amount of time. Your surgeon will remove the eye's cloudy, aged lens and replace it with a new, crystal clear synthetic lens.

    Through a simple eye exam, the Williamson Eye Center will verify the existence of cataracts, and will help determine a treatment plan that is right for you.
  • Lifestyle Lenses
    After undergoing conventional cataract surgery you may still have to utilize glasses to see all distances - your new, synthetic lens is a monofocal IOL, which will correct your visual ability at only a single distance.

    However, used in conjunction with traditional cataract procedures, there are a variety of 'Premium IOL's' that can restore full range of vision including distance and reading, without continued dependence on glasses or contact lenses.

    Utilizing the latest advances in eye care technology, the 'Premium IOL's' are often referred to as 'lifestyle lenses' and could be your ticket to a lifetime free of the hassle of contact lenses or glasses.

Williamson Eye Center offers the following lens options:

  • Restor Multifocal IOL
    This lens allows patients to see clearly at all distances without the addition of bifocals or readers. Similar to a pair of bifocal glasses, this lens is designed with a range of viewing areas. The Restor Multifocal IOL is an exceptional lens, which will return your vision to its broadest range.
  • Crystalens Accomodating IOL
    Designed to allow patients seamless focusing ability at all distances, the Crystalens is designed to mimic the properties of the eye's natural lens. This lens can be used in conjunction with traditional cataract procedures to restore full spectrum of functional vision-both distance and especially close-up. For a patient with a need for substantial improvement of reading vision, the Crystalens can provide permanent relief from the daily hassle of reading glasses.
  • Toric IOL
    For both cataract and astigmatism, the Toric IOL is the advanced technology offering a combined solution. The result of an asymmetrical shaped cornea, astigmatism requires additional correction to neutralize the corneal imbalance.
  • Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE)
    Performed before a cataract is even detected, Refractive Lens Exchange, is the same surgical procedure as cataract surgery. The replacement of the eyes natural lens with the latest lens technology available can restore a complete range of vision to you.

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